Guide Crumpet the doggo to find and eat all crumpets in the house ! Beware to not step over yourself !

Avoid obstacles, eat everything, and find your way through 8 levels, in this snake like puzzle game.

Made for A Game By Its Cover 2019, and based on "Getting Long", a Famicase by Tim Grove


Arrows : Move Crumpet

Escape : (In level) Back to main menu / (In main menu) Quit Game

M : Mute music

R : Restart Level



Design / Code : @ZeAntwan - Portfolio

Art : @IcedSnowMaiden - Portfolio

Music : @Valdenthoranar - Soundcloud


Made little by little, 1-2h/day over 1.5 months on GameMaker Studio 2

Source can be found on GitHub


GettingLong AGBIC 2019 (PC) 3 MB

Development log


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the art is soooooooooooooo cute!!!


reminds me of a dog in undertale

(lesser dog)


Haha, I never thought about it!

Very fun!  I'm terrible at it.  Great presentation!

(1 edit)

Really cute puzzle game! The last level actually had me stumped for a while. Loved the music. Great job!