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how do you get past the level with the snail in the other rooms it seems impossible

Did you record the dog sounds? It sounds like someone moaning lol


The game crashes if I try to undo after eating

This is a great game! I especially like how you can undo if you go should tell people about that feature.

Something that could be cool would be switches that only activate as long as you have a piece on it.  This could be used to influence snails more or something idk.

Oh that's a nice idea! Thank you for sharing it, and for playing our game :)
Have a nice day!

I don't even know how to select the "start game" option

Use the up and down arrow to scroll through, and right to select! I'll update the dscription to help. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice Game, You have to think to pass the levels. good job

Thank you :)

the art is soooooooooooooo cute!!!

Thank you so much :D


reminds me of a dog in undertale

(lesser dog)


Haha, I never thought about it!

Very fun!  I'm terrible at it.  Great presentation!

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Really cute puzzle game! The last level actually had me stumped for a while. Loved the music. Great job!