A culinary shooter where you protect your mutant pudding!

Flampage is a 2D top-down arena shooter where you play a chef expert in molecular cuisine. But his last dish went wrong and created a giant (and cute) pudding monster! It looks cute, but also tasty!

Protect your monster from hordes of enemies using your custard cannon and heal your monster by shooting it.

Find the right balance between fighting enemies and healing your monster because ammunition is limited!

// Controls

  • Left Stick / ZQSD / Arrowkeys : Movement
  • Right Stick / Mouse: Aim
  • Right Trigger (RT) / Mouse Left : Shoot
  • Left Trigger (LT) / Mouse Right : Use second weapon
  • Left Bumper (LB) / Shift : Dash

// Credits

Flampage is a game made in 1 month for a student jam at CNAM-ENJMIN by first year students 

Music and SFX - Antoine CHABROUX-WERT

Game Designer - Antonin DEMEILLIEZ

2D Artist - Julie HEUGUE

2D Artist - Tara QUINSAC

Producer - Vincent LE MEHAUTE

Developer (Unity) - Martin PENARD

Game Designer /  Developer (Gamemaker) - Antoine SARRAZIN

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Flampage PROTOTYPE (Unity) 226 MB
Flampage BETA (Gamemaker) 84 MB

Install instructions

// Known bugs (Unity PROTOTYPE version)

  • On the Unity prototype of the game, to quit, you need to use "Alt+F4"
  • The game might take a long time to load and could be seen as "not-responding". Give it some time, it's loading all the graphic assets to ensure almost-lag-free gameplay

// Known bugs (Gamemaker BETA version)

  • Sometimes, enemies get stuck in the walls when spawning.
  • Sometimes, on "Game Over", the camera zooms in on empty space.

Sorry for the incovinience !

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